HSG65 Audit

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The Health and Safety Executive’s Guidance, HSG65, Successful Health and Safety Management outlines the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach to managing health and safety and can help you

  • Achieve a balance between the systems and behavioural aspects of management
  • Treat health and safety management as an integral part of good management generally,
    rather than as a stand-alone system

Bill Rogerson Safety Services Ltd can carry out an HSG65 Health and Safety Management Systems Audit to measure compliance with

The core elements of managing health and safety

  • Plan, Do, Check, Act

If you are doing what you need to do

  • Risk Profiling
  • Leading and managing for health and safety
  • Competence
  • Worker consultation and involvement

Have effective arrangements in place

  • Determining your policy
  • Planning for implementation
  • Profiling your health and safety risks
  • Organising for health and safety
  • Implementing your plan
  • Measuring performance
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Reviewing performance
  • Learning lessons

What resources do you use?

  • Internal
  • External

During the audit, appropriate photographs and notes will be taken and an Audit Report prepared to enable your management team to act upon the findings accordingly.

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