PAT Testing

Bill Rogerson Safety Services Ltd

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is the process of periodically testing your portable electrical appliances.
It helps to ensure they are effectively maintained and safe for use within the appropriate environment, according to the manufacturer’s specification. It is a statutory requirement, and insurance companies require businesses to comply with the current regulations.

Our PAT Testing engineers are audited regularly to ensure they are always using best- practice and the most up-to-date standards no matter what your business size, industry or location is.

The PAT testing services consists of

  • Qualified PAT Testing Engineers
  • Approved Test Equipment
  • Equipment PAT tested will be fitted with an approved label
  • Completed Equipment Register and Certificate

Quality Service & Great Pricing

If you require a comprehensive PAT Testing package that will provide you with a combination of quality service and great pricing no matter where you are in the country, please contact us.